EXCEED ICT IoT – Vehicle Fleet Management With Geotab

Leverage as a standalone Solution or merge it with other platforms via EXCEEDs IoT platform

*** One device, many possibilities
The small form-factor Geotab GO9 connects every vehicle in your fleet. Beyond just GPS data, pull engine diagnostics, driver performance, and much more.

*** A powerful cloud software package
Monitor your fleet in real-time, analyse data from your vehicle assets, and utilise any one of Geotab’s suite of standard reports – or build a custom report unique to your needs.

*** Expand further for a tailored solution​
With hardware and software integrations, you can connect to all the unique parts of your fleet. Monitor external sensors, or run custom reports on your data to get the most out of your fleet.

*** Supporting every fleet
Geotab’s fleet management platform is the go-to for all kinds of fleets – heavy or light, internal combustion or electric (EV).

***How Geotab Vehicle Fleet Management delivers value
EXCEED drives fleet performance by focusing on six Pillars of Innovation. Each Pillar delivers value for our customers by managing costs, increasing efficiency, and providing a single plane of glass for all your IoT platform feeds.

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