Empower Your Subconscious: How to unlock 96% of your brain

Make a difference in your life by changing your thoughts! This guide will show you how to take control of your mind using the subconscious power of your own thoughts and employing techniques like autosuggestion and visualization. Learn to build confidence in yourself, establish harmony in relationships, create wealth, conquer anxieties, eliminate unhealthy habits, aid in physical and mental healing, and attain a level of peace and happiness you never thought possible. Kurt Gassner's techniques have already helped people across the globe. Inspirational examples throughout the book demonstrate the effectiveness of his techniques.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind has been a massive bestseller since its initial publication in 1963. It has sold a million copies and remains among the most enthralling and adored spiritual self-help books ever written. It will help you heal yourself, enabling you to overcome your fears, sleep better, experience happier relationships, and feel more content. The strategies are easy to follow, and the results are quickly felt. You can enhance your relationships, your finances, and your physical health—and this book will help show you the path.

This book accepts the principle that the events in one’s life are the direct results of the activities of the subconscious and conscious mind. Kurt Gassner offers practical methods that can alter the course of one's life, primarily by focussing and redirecting this amazing energy that we all have within. Many years spent studying the world's religions have convinced him that a Great Power lays beneath all spirituality—and that this power resides in each one of us. The strength of your subconscious mind can open up a world of happiness, success, peace, and prosperity once you know how to find it.