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difference between NSE and BSE

difference between NSE and BSE

Submitted by • July 29, 2020

India's equity share market boasts of two exchanges that enjoy the bulk of the trading volume - the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). These are two of the largest stock exchanges in India and also rank among the top 5 largest exchanges in all of Asia. The exchanges play a significant role in the entire trading gamut and its impact on the country's economy.

Moreover, it facilitates the transfer of funds between investors and companies within a regulated framework providing a safe platform for investment. They behave as a barometer for the country's economic condition. Usually, a stable government results in better performance of the markets and vice versa. Investors and traders are offered a buffet of financial products in accordance with his financial goals and risk appetite. It is also a platform for wealth creation.

Being an investor or a trader, it is vital to understand about these stock exchanges and learn the key difference between NSE and BSE.

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