Debt vs Equity Finance Advisors in Sierra Leone- Agilis Advisor Gmbh

Debt vs Equity Finance Advisors in Sierra Leone- Agilis Advisor Gmbh
We advise clients on their financing strategies and help them in successfully closing equity financing transactions. In addition to fundraising assistance, we provide our clients with valuable strategic business advice throughout the capital-raising process. Debt Finance Advisors in Sierra Leone
We have extensive experience placing various forms of financing ranging from $5 – $250 million. We understand each client's distinctive needs to tailor an effective and efficient fundraising process.
We work with our clients to understand their short-term and long-term capital requirement needs, devise a comprehensive financing strategy, and help to find an optimal partner that will provide capital.
We provide the following services concerning debt financing
> Identification of potential sources of financing.
> Preparation of suitable documentation.
> Promote the transaction to prospective lenders and secure competitive bids.
> Negotiations with financial institutions.
> Verification of conditions and loan agreements.
TYPE OF FUNDING: Project Finance (Debt and Equity)
VOLUME: USD 60 Million
DESCRIPTION OF THE CLIENT: Equity Finance Advisors in Sierra Leone
Our client is a diversified global conglomerate with a presence across Renewable Energy, Education, Mining, Agriculture, and Wellness sectors. They have a large presence across Africa and the Middle East. Our client participated in the bid and won the same to develop a 50 MW capacity solar PV project at various locations in Sierra Leone.
OTHER KEY POINTS: Equity Finance Advisors in Sierra Leone
* The project duration is 21 years with 1 year in construction and 20 years in operation and maintenance
* The project IRR is estimated at 11.25% and the Equity IRR at 14.1%.
* The debt borrowing tenor is 12 years from the date of disbursement.

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