Create Your Future with RG Williams

RG Williams is a name you might not have heard before… but chances are likely you’ve seen his work. For nearly three decades, RG has been the brain behind the majority of the real estate training curriculums taught by many of the most popular real estate “guru’s” in the real estate flip education industry.

RG began his successful career in real estate investing following the teachings of his personal mentor, Dr. A. D. Kessler. Like Dr. Kessler, Mr. Williams began with literally nothing to his name, learning to profit from the owner-financing strategies.

With his rising success, RG was asked by others to mentor them and discovered ways to assist others to implement the formulas of success in business and in life. He soon earned his nickname as the “Mentor’s Mentor”, the ‘go-to’ mentor for the Celebrity “Gurus”. They trust him with their students and know he and his team will assist them to achieve success.

His systems, teaching, coaching and even his personal team of mentors have been the experts that tens of thousands of students have used to propel their own success as savvy real estate investors.

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