Brush Cutter in India | Brush Cutter Types, Uses, and Advantages 2022

A brush cutter is a type of agricultural instrument used to clear glass, weeds, and small plants. It is beneficial to farmers because of its powerful performance, smooth engine, simple operation, and durability. Gas engines, electric motors, and cordless electric motors are the three central power components in this machine. It is a robust machine as compared to grass trimmer and comes with a range of engine/electric/battery. The price of brush cutter is Rs 8899 – 38187.

The brush cutters are available in different size, capabilities, designs, colours, and motor variations. It can be mainly used for a trimming, cutting, and landscaping purposes.

Brush cutter machines are classified into three types: handheld brush cutters, walk-behind brush cutters; and two-behind brush cutters. This machine has various types of blades like tap and go, three-point blades, and two-point blades that can be attached to the machine for specific purposes.
Different types of blades are used for cutting different kinds of growth.
Blades with 8 or fewer teeth are used for grass and weeds.
Blades with 9–40 teeth are used for thick weeds, brush, and shrubs.
Blades with more than 40 teeth (also called circular saws): brush, small trees, and saplings.
There are three types of brush cutters: Bicycle handle brush cutter, Loop handle brush cutter, and backpack brush cutter.

Popular brush cutter by brands are Vst Shakti P520BG Brush Cutter, Neptune BC-360 Brush Cutter, Balwaan Crop Cutter, and Neptune BC-99 Brush Cutter.