Brand Samosa- Marketing Automation for start-ups and MSME

We at Brand Samosa, support SMEs, Startups, and Professionals in every corner of the globe in B2B Lead Generation, Marketing Branding, and Optimizing Sales. We have pledged to help them shine in the Digital era by assisting and powering their Digital Transformations. Moreover, we have tried our hands at building brands for around 400+ professionals and helped them make their existence felt all over the globe. Besides, we have successfully generated 1000+ high-quality B2B Leads for around 50+ businesses that resulted in a profit of approx. $100k+ for them. Tools we prefer to help organizations and leaders grow include LinkedIn Branding, Marketing, and Lead Generation strategies. Also, we have implemented marketing automation to make marketing easy for you. Marketing automation is the product that manages activities of a marketing campaign, for example, emails, social media, blog entries, website pages, etc. making these tasks simpler and less tiresome.