Black-i DISPLAY PORT 1.2 VERSION CABLE BI-DP1500-blacki/displayport to hdmi

Black-i Display Port (4k) Cable allows you to connect your desktop or laptop with the display port to the HD monitor or projector. This cable allows the smooth and interruption-free audio and video content transfer from the system to the projector, making streaming fun. Additionally, if your work needs a secondary monitor, you can definitely rely on this cable.

Specifications To Know

✦ Design
It is made from copper with 26AWG for the highest level of quality and durability. The connectors at the end are gold plated to ensure that they stay rust-free and serve you for a long period.

✦ Cable length
The cable is around 15 meters long, making it comfortable and easy to use. This allows transmitting data over long distances without any hurdle in between.

✦ Transmission speed
This cable supports high resolution and ensures to support the high-quality signal. The supported resolution is 4k@30hz with a speed of 10.8 Gbps. At the same time, the supported audio resolution is 192Khz. Both combined avoid the mismatch of audio and video, making every experience fun.

✦ Warranty
Last but not the least, this cable comes with a high 3-year warranty. But if the cable or pins are physically damaged, the warranty will be void.