Best Indian Jobsites to find the top Indian Jobs

At least some of us have always wondered, the difference between a Jobsite, Job Board, or a Job Portal. Different people call it by different names. Basically, all are the same. These are an online web page that displays jobs which are posted by an employer or a recruiter in order to find potential candidates for an open position that has come up in the organization or an outsourcing HR company looking for potential candidates for their client companies.

Jobsites also maintain a resume database that maintains millions of candidates in them with the candidate’s credentials including their contact details. To complete the recruitment process faster, most companies acquire resume database search rights from the Jobsite owner and search out their next employee easily by using various search criteria provided by the Jobsite.

Off late networking sites play a very important role. As per a detailed report by LinkedIn, the top channels people use to look for new jobs are online job boards (60%), social professional networks (56%), and word of mouth (50%).

Though the Social networking sites have become numerous, still the Job Boards /Jobsites have still retained the higher site of 60% of the people still trust and look for jobs on Jobsites.

Jobs are throughout the world and we can find jobsites that are global and jobsites that are regional as below.

Global & Generalist Jobsites
Global & Niche or Specialist Jobsites
Regional & General Jobsites
Regional & Niche Jobsites
Job Aggregators
Global & Generalist Jobsites–
These are huge and big jobsites that cater to the whole world employers and jobseekers. These sites don’t have restriction on the vertical of the job, as they accept all industry jobs for listing. Some of the big names are Naukri, Career Builder, Indeed etc.

Global & Niche Jobsites–
Here the Jobsite owner restricts the usage of the site to only a particular niche and don’t accept jobs from all industries unlike the above. For example an Oil & Gas Jobsite, a mi

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