Beatrice Solid Wood King Bed With Storage Box

A bedroom is the coziest place in our home and the bed is our favorite piece of furniture. A comforting and good quality Solid Wood King Bed completes the bedroom as it is the place where you go to unwind from the day, recharge for the day ahead, and fantasize about what’s to come.

It’s always necessary to pick a bed that strike the right balance between style and comfort which is why THE OPPERSTE offers a range of beds which includes Double Beds, Four Posters Beds, Hydraulic Storage Beds, Kings Size Beds, Queen Size Beds, Sideboard & even Single Beds.

This Modern Bed With Storage Box is a distinct, defined style which originated in the early 1900s. Solid Wood King Bed is a combination of vinyl, steel, plastic, glass or wood having monochromatic colors and sleek silhouettes. Modern interior furniture lives at the intersection of clean lines and relaxed comfort accentuating form and function.

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