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worm hooks, maggot-type soft baits, and noodle-worm soft baits are often used as hook sets in lure sports. There are many obstacles in the water, which can effectively reduce the... Read More

The hook type of whiting hooks is too large, which makes the fish rate of whiting hooks very high, and it is not easy for the fish to escape. Mainly... Read More

trout hooks are characterized by thick hook strips, wide hook doors, long hook handles, straight hook tips and thick hook strips so that trout hooks can withstand the impact of... Read More

treble hooks, used in lure fishing methods, are usually added to lure hard baits or sequins to catch ferocious carnivorous fish such as bass and catfish. The treble hooks should... Read More

The sturgeon hook has a thick hook and wide door, but the hook handle is shorter than other hooks, and its unique hook tip inwardly curved shape makes the sturgeon... Read More

stainless steel fishing hooks are mainly used for corrosion resistance, with high tensile strength and excellent formability and extensibility. Stainless steel fishing hooks are mainly used for sea fishing. stainless steel... Read More

The structure of squid hooks is relatively complicated. Generally, 15-18 fishing hook are fixed together, which are divided into two types: barbed and non-barbed. Multi-purpose luminous artificial lures, with various... Read More

Marine fish eat fiercely,And the teeth are sharp, so the saltwater hooks handle is long, and the saltwater hooks has strict requirements on the material and surface treatment of the... Read More

Perch is a ferocious carnivorous fish. It mainly feeds on small fish, crustaceans, aquatic insects and other living creatures. perch hooks are characterized by moderate hook strips, narrow hook doors,... Read More

If you are fishing for large fish, it is more convenient to use long shank hooks, because large fish have a big mouth, and long shank hooks will not feel... Read More