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Shop Sustainable Weaving Yarns made from 100% sustainable fibers

Our natural, biodegradable, and non-toxic Yarns are made from 100% sustainable fibers and come in 100 different colors within the both coarser and ultra-fine counts with single utilize and twofold... Read More

Buy Recycled Denim Yarn in Panipat (Haryana) made 100% from textile waste

We offer an excellent selection of Recycled Denim Yarn, made from cotton, recovered from discarded denim waste and is used to make a variety of textile applications such as clothing,... Read More

Shop High-performance, Recycled Melange Yarns in Panipat (India)

Our Melange Yarns are entirely made of Recycled materials and come in cotton-rich blends with other sustainable natural and manmade fibres. These yarns are available in a variety of trendy... Read More

Buy High-quality Sustainable, Recycled Knitting Yarns in Panipat (India)

Our sustainable & Recycled Knitting Yarns are cotton rich and available in 50 plus shades.These yarns are suitable for knitted shoes, working gloves, socks etc. We are an authorized manufacturer... Read More

Buy Recycled Blended Yarn, Specialty Yarn, in Panipat (India)

S.C Spuntex offer different types of recycled Specialty blended Yarns that are made with the blends of various recycled fibers like cotton, polyester, wool etc. Our Specialty yarns are typically... Read More

Book Full Service Industrial Electrical Contractor in India – Seizo Solutions

We are the leading Electric Construction & maintenance solutions company in India who specializes in Industrial Piping, conveyor work, Floor Miles, Fabrication, Industrial painting being used in commercial &... Read More