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Best Contactless Card Reader | Contactless RFID access control | Spectra

Spectra’s XsPoint EM/Mifare/BLE reader is built for high-performance for Mifare read-only cards with its compact and high-on-aesthetics build. It offers a consistent read-range of up to 7cm in most conditions.... Read More

The Need for Access Control in The Pharma Sector | Spectra

As significant as the pharmaceutical industry is, its vulnerability is comparatively higher in terms of safeguarding personnel and property. Pharma companies are laden with responsibilities of research and development and... Read More

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Elevator Access Control System | Lift Access System in India | Spectra

Spectra’s Elevator Access Control (EAC) helps you practice better control over your facility. The software is easy to customize and it works in tandem with user-specified needs like time zone... Read More

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Two Door Control Panel | Automatic Door Control | Spectra

Spectra’s TwinXs 2C is a highly accurate two-door access control panel suitable for every business vertical. Its super-powerful design and simple mechanism makes it a favourite control panel among clients.... Read More

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Sharp looks, add-on features with field-proven time-tested hardware define this fingerprint attendance device’s vast offerings. It is equipped with an inbuilt GSM for data transfer, especially in remote locations. BioScribe... Read More

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