AMP Pigments | Pigment Manufacturer

AMP Pigments product range grants a guarantee to give a different determination of pearl pigments custom-made to different industries and applications. These pigments offer tasteful allure as well as practical properties to improve the exhibition and visual allure of final results.

Gold pearl pigments offer an extravagant and brilliant gold shade with pearlescent impacts. They are ordinarily utilised in different applications, including beauty care products, car coatings, plastics, and beautifying finishes where a rich gold appearance is wanted.

Seeds polymer and Organic Seed Coatings might allude to shades embodied inside a polymer framework, giving interesting properties like controlled discharge or upgraded sturdiness. Epoxy Pigments are planned explicitly for use with epoxy pitch frameworks.

They offer energetic colours and magnificent shades similarity with epoxy pitches, making them reasonable for a large number of utilizations like ground surface, ledges, projecting, and creative ventures. Iridescent pearl pigments show a staggering cluster of varieties that shift and change contingent upon the review point.

They are many times utilised in auto coatings, cosmetics products, plastics, and specialty printing to make spellbinding enhanced visualisations. Diamond pearl pigments normally include a serious level of shimmer and brightness, looking like the presence of precious stones. These colours add fabulousness and profundity to items like beauty care products, coatings, and embellishing materials.