Al Barari’s Ixora are here to offer 4 bedroom residences

IXORA by Al Barari features 82 exquisite four-bedroom homes with a relaxed atmosphere and elegant architecture. Throughout the project, a two-story hallway serves as a boundary between the interior and exterior. It provides access to the exposed living space of the entire project. An open kitchen leads out to a terrace above the garage on the first floor. The dining area offers a clear view of the garden, and the living areas are spacious.
The vast surfaces of the residence allow dappled light to stream into the entrance hall, opening up to a beautiful backyard garden. With the sculptural staircase integrating a continuous opening into the house, an atrium-like environment is created which enables interaction between floors and provides visual links between them. A community's amenities can make its residents feel more at home and help to enhance the quality of the homes by catering to their wants and preferences. With the rooftop terraces in these houses, you can enjoy a lovely sunset while sipping tea with your loved ones.
Among the first fully integrated luxury and ecological developments in the area, Al Barari is a luxury and ecological development. Its lush landscape and sparkling waterways are perfect for residents to relax in. In the gardens of houses you will also find the plant called IXORA.
All three Dubai airports are conveniently located close by the property, as well as Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Marina, and Palm Jumeirah. Hence, the development gives a modern touch to the beautiful Al Barari Lifestyle, thus making it attractive to a new generation.