A quick guide to eCommerce Payment Gateway

80% of customers prefer shopping online, due to which the eCommerce industry is rapidly reaching a new boom. So, the requirement for an eCommerce payment gateway is also increasing day by day.

Multiple payment gateways are becoming popular in the eCommerce ecosystem. On average, a website is having two to three payment gateway options to provide flexibility to its customers.

On a requirement basis, multiple payment gateways have been tailored competitively in the payment industry. Are you in a plight to choosing the right eCommerce payment gateway?

Come on, let us help you in making this task simple. This article will take you to an extensive list of payment gateways with the features they have for you and your eCommerce website.

eCommerce Payment Gateway | Features
An eCommerce payment gateway is a service that allows you to process credit card payments for eCommerce businesses. There are many options for payment gateways but the best one has shared a few additional features.

Transaction charges. The cost plays a vital role in selecting the right eCommerce payment gateway. The difference of a fraction makes a huge effect on the funds that merchants receive when high volumes of transactions are processed. Usually, there is a fixed processing fee along with a variable fee according to the card service provider. Before integration, you must understand all types of fees associated.
Data Encryption. As all the gateways offer some level of encryption but it is more important to invest in a payment gateway with a strong track history. Hackers are trying to decrypt the data that is transferred because most businesses are operating online. That’s why you will need to look for a payment gateway that is PCI compliant. That includes securing data by TLS when transferring, along with a secure website that uses HTTPS.
Geolocation service. It offers different prices, sales, and also events according to the region. A payment gateway having this feature is convenient for both