A Perfect Touch: 10 Common Features Of A “Perfect” House

Despite evolving societies and technology, a home remains a place where one can dwell “under the tent of heaven.”

Many people have an idea of a “dream home” in their minds. The question is, is it practical? A house should suit present and future needs, have no functionality issues and make your life easier. A homeowner somehow is both an innovator and inventive. He (or she) must be a custodian of classical values and has a keen eye for proportion and style. He is certainly enough of a craftsman to ensure that quality remains the key when expressing the status and ideas necessary to his home. Also, he is adaptable and flexible to leave any doubts that he would be readily adapted to the computer age without compromising any integrity in design.
That is just for the homeowners. Must-have qualities are never the same from one homebuyer to the next. But the following list includes ten common requests…