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A Night Owl Travel: South Korea

A Night Owl Travel: South Korea

Submitted by • June 28, 2020

My first ever trip abroad was to South Korea. It was a dream of mine to go travel abroad and see other places and experience other culture and observe how it differs to my culture. Going to South Korea, I was able to have a very memorable and informative abroad trip. Some places we explored were Seoul, Namsan Tower, Gangnam, Han River, Hongdae Night Market, Nami Island, different shopping districts and markets and the boundary between South and North Korea.

We also went to skiing sites and the famous amusement park, Everland. The tour was very satisfactory and informative. The commute to each place is very different here in the Philippines. The food was also slightly different tasting but I think there are dishes that suits the Philippine cuisine.

I would definitely want to come back there and spend more time exploring the night markets!

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