82 Inch Smart E Blackboard

Smart e blackboard description
Smart e blackboard is a full 82 inch electronic interactive digital blackboard, designed for presentation and collaborative work in business and education.
Smart e blackboard consists of two writing boards on the left and right and a touch panel display in the middle.It can support normal writing with ordinary chalk, dust-free chalk and various water pens. The same area not only realizes the chalk writing function of the ordinary blackboard, but also provides high-definition display and interactive touch, including playing teaching courseware, videos, pictures, animations, annotations and other multimedia teaching functions, effectively combining traditional blackboards with multimedia teaching, Bring a better teaching experience.
Design features of smart e blackboard
* The infrared touch technology and the smooth screen provide you the familiar feeling of touching your Android device and iPhone. The same operation of operating your phone and pad with sliding, dragging, zooming in and out, and touching, it is easy and simple for you to handle the interactive digital display.
* 10 points Infrared touch can make students and your colleagues work together on the screen and encourage more engagement and collaboration.
* Besides easy touch, it is also easy to connect and share. With many VGA, HDMI, USB Touch ports, you can connect various devices through wires and these ports.
* You can also share through screen sharing software and wireless connection dongle. Easily connect through easy touch. You can write digital annotation and screenshot during a presentation and review them at any time.

Smart e blackboard characteristic
Shell and appearance Aluminum alloy surface arc angle design, pure black plane, three combination products, side port buttons,
Side speaker on the lower side of the main screen
Overall dimension 4200L*1220W*100H (mm)
Power consumption    ≤400W
Standby power ≤0.5W
Voltage 110-240V(AC)
Smart e bl

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