5 Career Paths for Kids Who Know How to Code

Computer Programmer
Computer programmers are proficient in the use of programming languages such as Java, C#, C++, and Python. Computer programmers create software that is functional and reliable. It is imperative that computer programmers write “clean” codes so others can take off from where they started.

Examples of computer programs are operating systems such as Apple iOS and Google Android for phones and Microsoft Windows for desktop computers and laptops.

Data Scientist
Data Scientists are knowledgeable in programming languages such as Python and R. Data scientists write programs that will help them understand data faster and better. A data scientist may not be that adept in coding but all data scientists have the skills to find patterns and derive insights from data.

This job title was just put in the spotlight recently. DJ Patil is credited to have coined the term “data scientist”. He served as the White House’s first Chief Data Scientist.

Game Developer
Game developers are proficient in programming languages also Swift for iOS mobile games and Java for Android. Kids with an interest in coding that loves video games usually see this as a viable career and as a natural progression for them.

Canada is home to 3 major game development studios such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and Bioware.