4 wall art ideas to spice up your home décor

Apkainterior.com is here with four wall art ideas for luxurious surroundings-
Murals and paintings
Murals and paintings are a fabulous way to add beauty to your house. They add an elegant and refined touch and highlight the walls. Plus, it attracts the attention of the viewer and makes your walls shine out. Good murals and paintings complement the room and convey the personality of the people living there. This Krishna mural by Apka interior and this stone mural are perfect choices to transform your walls.
Wall clocks
A perfect piece for wall art is a wall clock. With the sheer amount of choices available in terms of design and material, wall clocks are a sure shot way to add a gorgeous touch to your walls. Apart from the functionality, it also serves aesthetically to the overall look of the wall. You can select from clocks with a wooden design like this handmade wall clock or go for something chic with brass detailing like a fitted wall clock.
Wooden Work
If you want to connect with nature, wooden wall decor is perfect for your walls. It's a perfect blend of fantastic styles, top-notch design, and sophistication. Wooden work on walls makes your wall the center of attraction, and you won't stop staring at the delicate work. The wooden finish adds a personal touch too bland walls and makes the place look homely and cosy. This wooden mount wall rack can be a perfect option to display your prized possessions, houseplants and photographs.
Play with light and illusions and make any space look royal and spacious with the correct mirrors. Good mirrors can transform any place and add a much-needed depth. You can play with mirrors of various sizes and shapes. Select a mirror with detailing or a wood coating frame that complements your house. These are great options for small narrow corridors and hallways which aren't well lit. You can add an Indian ethnic touch to your wall with this mandala mirror or go for something regal like this Metal mirror.
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