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[2020] How To Reset/Erase IPhone Without Apple ID Password

[2020] How To Reset/Erase IPhone Without Apple ID Password

Submitted by • July 9, 2020

Maybe you have had your iPhone for a long time, so you want to reset it, give it to somebody and purchase a new device. Maybe you were on a budget and ended up purchasing a second-hand iPhone, but it still had the previous owners data on it. When you try to reset the iPhone, you may realize that you do not have its Apple ID password, which can take away all your hopes of being able to reset your iPhone.

Is it Possible to Reset an iPhone/iPad without Apple ID?

Yes! There are ways to reset an iPhone or iPad without Apple ID. Some method will reset your device only when the ‘Find My iPhone’ is turned off. However, you will find the way here to reset/erase iPhone without Apple ID no matter the ‘Find My iPhone’ is on or off.

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