100w UFO Led High Bay Light

100w UFO Led High Bay Light-Description
100W led UFO high bay light with 170lm/w, which is suitable for warehouse, factory, airport, station, subway and other places, The installation height is 8-15m.

Powerstar's 100w ufo led high bay light uses 120-277V universal voltage to produce 14000 lumens and 5000K cool white color temperature. The luminaire housing is made of die-cast aluminum construction and sealed with a polycarbonate lens. led high bay light is the ideal lighting solution for commercial applications such as warehouses, stadiums, factories, airports, stations, subways, convention centers and arenas.

What are the benefits of UFO LED work lights?
When selecting lighting for high bay ceilings, efficiency is important. Since the lights will be working at a higher range, the lighting needs to be maximized for optimal illumination. With the intelligent design of UFO LED light products, it allows them to provide clear, even illumination of objects below with little to no glare. That's why UFO LED workplace lights provide broad and powerful illumination, perfect for illuminating shelves and other elevated objects in a space.

● Reduced environmental impact-ufo led high bay ligh is very durable because there is no filament, reducing the frequency of replacement positively impacting the environment and reducing labor costs.

● Increased efficiency-ufo led high bay light offers some of the highest lumen output power and energy consumption on the market, consuming over 90% less energy than incandescent lamps.

● Lower Utility Costs – Provides a better return on the wattage consumed for the lumens produced.

● Longer lifespan-ufo led high bay ligh can last for years, with some options providing over 100,000 hours of illumination.

● Increased safety-ufo led high bay light's lower operating temperature makes them safer to operate without fear of getting burned.

Efficiency is important when choosing lighting for high bay ceilings. Since the lights will be working a

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