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Slope Of A Line

Slope Of A Line

Submitted by • June 12, 2012

There are number of forms of the equation of a line like the intercept form, the general equation of a line, the normalized equation, the Point slope equation, Slope intercept equation etc.The equation of a standard line is given asy = m x + c, where ‘m’ refers to the Slope of a line and ‘c’ refers the value of the y- intercept.While finding the equations of lines we only needed to calculate the parameters ‘m’ and ‘c’. The value of ‘c’ can be calculated easily we just need to see that where the line crosses the y- axis. To calculate the slopes of the equation of line just need to remember the formula shown below:
m = change in the ‘y’ parameter / change in the ‘x’ parameters = rise / run.

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