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Mdefence – Zestwings

Mdefence – Zestwings

Submitted by • July 4, 2013

mDefence is a Safety App to come in need of emergency and general safety.

mDEFENCE is a mobile enabled TRACK/ POST tool which works at all moments, with and without GPRS to provide a confidence of safety/ emergency management for women.

The master specifications of the tool includes:

* Auto location/ mobile no. tracking
* Location/ emergency post to Control room/ Guardians
* SMS/ MAIL/ URL based location track
* Instant Buzzer to get the attention of surrounding public
* Auto-photo capture/ post of the suspicious objects/ persons
* Recent location post in case of kidnap/ abduction
* Emergency shortcuts
* Activity log/ Session control
* Easy to configure on any mobile platform
* Possibility to implement for other emergencies too with minor customizations
* Provision for future use of linking the same interface for corporate use to improve the of their women employees

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