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Lighting A Vaulted Ceiling, LED-Style!

Submitted by • June 19, 2012

A common feature of homes built during the 1980s, vaulted, or pitched ceilings present many challenges and opportunities when it comes to lighting. Unlike normal ceilings, which are flat, a vaulted ceiling slopes upwards, rising to an angular peak many ...

Choosing The Correct Number Of LED Downlights

Submitted by • June 19, 2012

While a single downlight can be used to create a focal point within a room, several or more downlights are needed to provide enough illumination to light an entire room. The question is, how many are needed? Unfortunately, there is no ...

LED Grow Lights – The Brighter Way To Growing Fruit And Veg

Submitted by • June 19, 2012

It is a well known fact that low energy LED Lights can help light a home for less. But did you also know they have a lot to offer to the agricultural industry? In as little as 50 years, scientists believe ...

“Blinded With Science” – Why LED Lights Are Measured In Lumens And Not Watts

Submitted by • June 19, 2012

The lighting industry is changing the way we pick and choose our light bulbs. As of the 1st September 2010, it has become mandatory for all lighting equipment within the EU to be labelled in terms of lumens, instead of ...

Why LED Lights Make For Better TV Viewing

Submitted by • June 19, 2012

When LED TVs first appeared back in the early 2000s, customers initially mistook them for the "true LED displays" like those used in sports stadiums. As it turned out, the term "LED TV" was a bit of a misnomer. Unlike ...

Refer A Friend And Earn Your Reward

Submitted by • June 19, 2012

Buying LED Light Bulbs just got a whole lot sweeter. As of today, we are introducing a brand new “refer a friend” scheme designed to reward our customers for their purchases and behaviour. Tell your friends about our website and, if they ...

“Say Cheese!” : How Your Photography Can Benefit From LED Lights

Submitted by • June 19, 2012

Photographers are discovering the benefits of LED Lighting. Photography is all about the resourceful and creative use of light. That is why more and more photographers are turning to LED Lights. LEDs are more reliable and produce a brighter light for their ...

Wind Powered Doohickeys Use LED Lights To Generate Electricity And Awareness

Submitted by • May 23, 2012

Small windmills with colour changing LED Lights are being used to brighten up the streets of downtown Ann Arbor in Michigan. Their purpose, according to the inventor, is to raise awareness about the virtues of clean, renewable wind energy.

Understanding The “Law Of LED Lights”

Submitted by • May 23, 2012

Anyone anxious about the future of LED Lighting will be pleased to know that semiconductor light emitting diodes (LEDs) are expected to become the most popular form of artifical illumination by the year 2020.

LED Light Sculptures Stand Up To Scrutiny

Submitted by • May 23, 2012

An artist who works primarily in light has used thousands of glowing LEDs to create life-size, holographic representations of humans and animals. “No Shadow” is a new series by critically acclaimed artist and designer Makoto Tojiki, exploring the themes of ...